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For more information contact:   Jill Rittmer

3550 N Center Point Rd  Toddville, IA  52341

T     319 - 395 - 7749       C    319 - 329 - 8356

info@creekridge.com     www.creekridge.com

Copyright 2013 - Creekridge Equine Service

Creekridge Equine Services was established in 1997, a small, family owned business set on eleven acres just outside of Cedar Rapids in Eastern Iowa. Our small band of Arabian mares graze on lush pastures and raise foals that are bred to excel in both halter & performance.

We are a small business where the primary focus is the promotion of the beautiful Arabian breed.

We provide:

    Video Production Services

        Farm Promotion

        Sales Video & DVD

    Marketing & Advertising

         Stallion Cards

         Print Ads

     Arabians For Sale

         Performance Ready

         Young Stock